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Here in Rock Island, we believe in developing a love for reading throughout our community! Check back frequently for information on reading events in Rock Island!

  • Explore a universe of stories this summer at the Rock Island Public Library with The RockTown Reading Challenge! 

    To participate, finish either 24 books or 6 hours of reading between June 1 and July 31. (Reading aloud to your child counts, too!) You can earn prizes for every 8 books or 2 hours of reading! And because RockTown Reading is for everyone, there are also challenges and prizes for teens and adults.  Enter and participate with a paper form or online. Check out the details at any Rock Island Library or at

Want to do more? Our team is encouraging Rock Islanders to share their love of reading with the world. 

Share a photo of your book, a picture yourself reading, or a group shot of your crew attending a reading-focused event on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and use the hashtag #RockTownReads to join the movement!

Need some ideas for your photos? Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages and get inspired to get out and read!

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Social Media


Make sure you're using the hashtag #RockTownReads and following along on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Not sure what to share on your page? Copy and paste any of these scripts and you're on your way!

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Our partners have been working hard to get the word out about #RockTownReads! Read a little bit about what they do to support community-wide reading and check out their websites at the links below!

Rock Island Public Library

Sign up for free reading challenges at any Rock Island Library, or enter online with Beanstack. Use the free Beanstack Reading Tracker app to keep track of your minutes and books. Enter, Read, Win Rewards! For more information, visit or call 309-732-READ. 

Rock Island-Milan School District

The Rock Island-Milan School District encourages students to keep up with reading skills all year round and is happy to partner with the Rock Island Public Library, Spring Forward Learning Center, Bi-State Literacy Council and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center to support student reading activities!

Spring Forward

Spring Forward offers literacy-based after-school programs and summer camps at no cost to students and their families. Programs are offered at six sites in the Rock Island-Milan school district and are led by licensed teachers and other qualified staff. Kids participate in fun, engaging educational activities and field trips, as well as regularly scheduled Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) time. , visit Spring Forward's website.

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center

MLK welcomes 4-5 teachers to engage kids in fun literacy activities over seven weeks.  This effort has led to maintaining and improving their reading skills during a time when skills erode.  The activities are interwoven into our summer programming to provide the best opportunity to have a positive and meaningful impact for our youth.

Rock Island Rotary

Rock Island Rotary partnered with Rebuilding Together QC to construct little lending libraries for all of the elementary schools in the Rock Island-Milan School District.  The libraries are designed so anyone can take a book, read a book and leave a book. The libraries are currently being managed by the schools in partnership with Rotary.

Bi-State Literacy Council

The Bi-State Literacy Council supports and encourages the development of supportive services for people with literacy needs by providing grants, awards, and scholarships to people and organizations in their service area. Their mission is to lead the challenge to overcome illiteracy in all its forms through advocacy, education, awareness and empowerment.

Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation

The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation (RIMEF) helps financially support reading and other academic programs in the Rock Island-Milan School District. Through the RIMEF, Rock Island-Milan teachers and schools have received thousands of dollars for books, literacy programs, school library enhancement, and other materials or projects to develop and enhance reading skills for students throughout our district.


WQPT supports reading in Rock Island by donating books to little lending libraries, hosting Preschool Story Times at each of the libraries, and donating books for RockTown Reads prizes.

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Tips and Resources


We want #RockTownReads to be easy and fun! Here are some great tips and resources to keep your reading on the right track!

Print our reading reminder flyer and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day!

Click here to view and download !

  • Take some time to read every day! Even 15 minutes can make a difference in literacy!

  • Visit your local library or a Little Free Library often- always be prepared to finish your book and move onto the next one

  • Find a reading buddy! Having someone to discuss your book with makes it more fun!

  • Read out loud to your kids and younger siblings! You have a chance to be a reading role model to those younger than you- set a good example and show them how fun reading is!

  • Track your reading! There are lots of helpful tools to do this, check out Beanstack at the Rock Island Public Library.

  • Set a goal for yourself! Do you want to read two books this month? Ten? Fifty? You can!

  • Use online resources! There are lots of great websites with free resources for kids and parents. Check out our links below!

  • Start a book club! Reading the same book as your friends and then discussing it can help you think about your book in a new way and can help you learn more about your friends!

  • Reading is for everyone! If you're a parent, teacher, or just an adult who doesn't go to school anymore, it's important to remind yourself how rewarding reading can be! As a great bonus, there are real health benefits associated with being a lifelong reader! offers a free membership and educational resources for kids in Pre-K through 6th grade has activities, tips, and book recommendations on 24 different topics

Book It! has book recommendations and great free activities related to specific books 

Imagination Library is Dolly Parton's worldwide program that sends a monthly free book to preschool aged children

The QCA Book Fairy sets up at the Freight House Farmers Market every other week to distribute free books to children ages 16 and under

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