Tips and Resources


We want #RockTownReads to be easy and fun! Here are some great tips and resources to keep your reading on the right track!

Print our reading reminder flyer and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day!

Click here to view and download !

  • Take some time to read every day! Even 15 minutes can make a difference in literacy!

  • Visit your local library or a Little Free Library often- always be prepared to finish your book and move onto the next one

  • Find a reading buddy! Having someone to discuss your book with makes it more fun!

  • Read out loud to your kids and younger siblings! You have a chance to be a reading role model to those younger than you- set a good example and show them how fun reading is!

  • Track your reading! There are lots of helpful tools to do this, check out Beanstack at the Rock Island Public Library.

  • Set a goal for yourself! Do you want to read two books this month? Ten? Fifty? You can!

  • Use online resources! There are lots of great websites with free resources for kids and parents. Check out our links below!

  • Start a book club! Reading the same book as your friends and then discussing it can help you think about your book in a new way and can help you learn more about your friends!

  • Reading is for everyone! If you're a parent, teacher, or just an adult who doesn't go to school anymore, it's important to remind yourself how rewarding reading can be! As a great bonus, there are real health benefits associated with being a lifelong reader! offers a free membership and educational resources for kids in Pre-K through 6th grade has activities, tips, and book recommendations on 24 different topics

Book It! has book recommendations and great free activities related to specific books 

Imagination Library is Dolly Parton's worldwide program that sends a monthly free book to preschool aged children

The QCA Book Fairy sets up at the Freight House Farmers Market every other week to distribute free books to children ages 16 and under

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